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Oh come on Tweacle.

Before I get jumped on as a 'Internet white knight' by a baying mob, of rabid outraged females, I should state I am no personal fan of Flanaghan. Having said that, it's exactly your kind of post that prompts so many of the 'you must be jellus' type comments on DS.

She may not be to your liking, but to claim she is 'not attractive in the slightest' and is 'desperately unsexy' is simply absurd and seems pretty baseless. There is a reason she get's so much coverage in the press, has so many pictures etc and I can assure you it's not for her intellect, or insight into the problems facing the world today. Just saying

To give a bit of perspective, I see no appeal whatsoever in the brain dead thicko male types such as Mark Wright or any of the TOWIE lot, but I can understand why certain types of women may find him attractive. I wouldn't come out and say he's pig ugly, or desperately unattractive, as clearly he's not.

There seem to be a lot of double standards in this showbiz section, especially when concerning women that by and large are deeemed to be 'attractive'. I shall tread carefully..

*puts on hard hat and readies himself for barrage of abuse for having the audacity to point this out'
Oh, I'm certainly not in the dark about what men find attractive. I tend to find it's generally not what women look for. I would hope to God if I was a man I would aim a bit higher than the Jordan types to be honest.

She has a nice body and a big pair of knockers but facially, I don't find her attractive at all. She had piggy eyes, bad skin and looks horrific without make up. Not much better with it on. All those stupid gurning selfies she puts on Facebook don't help either. She looks like a blow up doll. She's not even pretty never mind gorgeous. And don't even get me started on that freakin' topknot!

I'm certainly not afraid to say if I find a woman attractive - I think Audrey Fleurot (French actress) is absolutely stunning but you'll probably say she's an ugly ginger - but I just don't get the deal with Flanagan at all.

It's personal taste though innit!

Well, hold up a minute. Obviously I can't speak for Tweacle Tart but I think the point is that although HF is - imo - attractive, she goes out of her way to be unattractive to anyone with a brain because of (a) the uber-sexualised posing and (b) the uber-stupidity. That is a lethal combination as far as objectivity goes and one that generates, at best, impatience and distaste and, at worst, loathing for her and the media climate that encourages it.

Helen has chosen this path, is milking it like crazy and in doing so has made herself really unattractive so it's really not surprising that some people can't see past that anymore. And that's Helen's responsibility, no one else's.

I find her very easy to ignore but I liked her in Corrie and I think it's a real shame that 'being thick' has become her career of choice.
She is just plain horrid. Everything I dislike in a girl.
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