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Thanks Liv and Seabird. I certainly wasn't criticising animal-lovers, I have a dog of my own... but she's well-trained and I don't ascribe human traits to her, much less buy her human posh-nosh. I think Squatch misread what I posted.
I think I did my apologies

I thought you were one of those people who attack all animal lovers just because Liz proclaims herself to be one. I am over-sensitive as well, because there is a lot of hate in society for animal protectionists.

I get really defensive about that, and anyone who makes ignorant comments about mental health, just because of what they've read in Liz's wafflings. These are the reasons I don't like LJ - because she misrepresents the animal welfare cause, and misrepresents certain mental health conditions, to gain notoriety and attention for herself.

She definitely doesn't care too much about animals. If she can't bear to look after her own mother, she certainly won't be able to do yucky things like cleaning up after pets. And if she's spending all her money on ...unlicensed pharmaceuticals, she'll likely resent paying for veterinary treatment.
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