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My World EP: 4/9 tracks
My World 2.0: 10/11
Never Say Never: 1/1 (only original track on album)
Under The Mistletoe: 10/15
Believe: 13/14

So of the 50 tracks he has released on albums, he has been credited as writing 38 of those, the songs he didn't co-write on Under The Mistletoe were Christmas cover (I believe they are anyway) and I'm not even a fan of him. People are just unnecessarily horrible about him a lot of the time
thanks for posting that i couldn't be bothered but i will say this , playing 7 different instruments and writing songs equals talent - i know as i play just one (guitar) , people can hate on him as much as they like but his talent is undeniable and that is something they need to deal with .
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