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Let's just assume he is the water-walking deity his fans think. Who just somehow runs into trouble because it deliberately flies at him, no fault of his own (and yes we all know the press is a b1tch at the best of times, that goes without saying).

The question is ...why? Why the drama? Why the OverKill?

He's at that age where people expect it? Maybe. There's something else that I'm told happened recently with Bieber that's managed to stay out of papers. Not drugs, or abuse of fans/restaurants/mop buckets.

Let's just say...and it's likely something and nothing, but one of the main reasons pop stars 'people' go totally overboard to 'slap down' wherever the implication crops up. (Whoa, what a modern world we live in!) I wonder if this drama is as a distraction, especially the 'prostitutes'. Which, unless there's footage of them in the act, is as likely to be a setup as the next thing..
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