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My World EP: 4/9 tracks
My World 2.0: 10/11
Never Say Never: 1/1 (only original track on album)
Under The Mistletoe: 10/15
Believe: 13/14

So of the 50 tracks he has released on albums, he has been credited as writing 38 of those, the songs he didn't co-write on Under The Mistletoe were Christmas cover (I believe they are anyway) and I'm not even a fan of him. People are just unnecessarily horrible about him a lot of the time
Unnecessarily horrible? Have you been keeping up with his 'antics' lately? He could go out and kill somebody in cold blood yet he would still have somebody defending him. I think his entourage are partly to blame, they make him feel like he is untouchable and probably believes he is the new messiah.
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