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Unnecessarily horrible? Have you been keeping up with his 'antics' lately? He could go out and kill somebody in cold blood yet he would still have somebody defending him. I think his entourage are partly to blame, they make him feel like he is untouchable and probably believes he is the new messiah.
I think he's doing what a lot of 19 year old lads do at that age to be honest the difference being his every move is being watched and scrutinised.

I'm not just talking about people being horrible about him now, when he started in 2009 the long list of comments about his personal appearance when was was 15 years old, people sitting on the internet ripping into a 15 year old kid just because they didn't like his song and it still happens now, he used to get torn apart for looking and sounding female and now he's looking a bit more male like, he's getting torn apart again

I don't agree with everything he does, he comes across as an arrogant fool at times but contrast that with the sweet, polite kid that he debuted as, something happened along the line to change that
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