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Exactly. All this Bowie is so cool crap...

Wasn't so long ago he was spouting racist nonsense.

McCartney will never be cool, might die his hair etc. But he's a melodic genius who isn't appreciated by his own country.
well said mate.

Believe me mccartney is only seen as 'less cool' than 'bowie' in this country [the uk].....accross the world mccartney continues to be the most popular ,influential and respect musician of them all...however in the UK there seems to be a complete infatuation with a popular childrens song he did in the 1980's and his current live singing which admittedly isnt that great anymore.
mccartney has never really been 'cool'..his level of fame and talent has always gone byond that and much though i like david bowie its a complete FACT that mccartney has been a bigger artist than him in his second career post 1970....yes completely diss-regard everything the beatle's every did and mccartney as a post beatle act has secured more hits and sold more records than 'david bowie' accross the world [especially in america where it really matters]....!
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