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She certainly hasn't grasped "you reap what you sow".
Nope, 'karma' is a four-letter word to her... but then again she was the one who entered into a Mephistophelean pact with the DM, which led to her getting a whole load of dosh in return for her writing off her family, friends and life for the filthy lucre.

Over the past week, ever since I first posted on here, I've tried to put myself in a position where I tried to envisage what circumstances or amount of money it would take for me to consider selling my family and friends down the river to earn a living... and I've found it impossible to do. There is nothing that could cause me to do it.

However, it's interesting when you set that aside and truly consider what would happen if you were to do so.

When I put myself in that scenario, I quickly came to the conclusion that the very life that I was being paid to write about would very quickly disappear as friends and family exited stage-left... and I'd guess that within weeks I'd be left in a position where I had a contract including a fat pay-cheque, requiring me to produce copy each week from a life bereft of content.

So... I asked myself what would I do under those circumstances, if I'd sold my soul to the devil, and chose to continue on with my pact ?

The rapid conclusion that I came to was that I would have to come up with stories pretty quickly. So I'd become very inventive and economical with the truth. As that path began to wear thin, I think that I'd go for 'shock-jock' tactics... give that I had no life or relationships left to lose... but I'd also try to paint a picture of myself as a wounded victim, trying to help other victims (and what better victims than animals who can't answer back).

None of this is written as a justification for whatever Lizard has done, because she could have thrown her hat - or Gucci-bag - in at any time, but it does also bring the Daily Mail more in to the picture; because what kind of an institution would pay an individual any amount of money to get into this position... which sooner or later must inevitably lead to their destruction through alienation.

Some things to consider. Feel free to say if you think it's all a load of psycho-babble crap.
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