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His fans lack any kind of critical thinking skills especially where their idol is concerned. Even if he came out and personally smashed each of his fans cameras before spraying then with a fire extinguisher filled with warm diarrhea and telling them he hoped they all died of cancer of the genitalia, they would make excuses. He's already ruined gigs by arriving late, spat on fans, visited a brothel, lied about weed and alcohol, pissed in a mop bucket, insulted the memory of Anne Frank, spat.on his neighbour, attempted to beat photographers, the list goes on and the thickheaded devotion persists. How do you screw over people like that?
This is one thing I have to disagree with. I don't like the litle twerp but I never got what all the fuss was about over this one.

If you read her diary she mentions Hollywood movie stars, doesn't she mention a relative giving her pictures of film stars? So yes, she probably would have loved Beiber and One Direction and the same things other tween girls love.

I agree though, I don't think it's him and given the ridiculously disgusting inflated cost of these meet and greets (which is completely unecssary now the kid has money to burn) it's horrible to screw them over.
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