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This is one thing I have to disagree with. I don't like the litle twerp but I never got what all the fuss was about over this one.

If you read her diary she mentions Hollywood movie stars, doesn't she mention a relative giving her pictures of film stars? So yes, she probably would have loved Beiber and One Direction and the same things other tween girls love.

I agree though, I don't think it's him and given the ridiculously disgusting inflated cost of these meet and greets (which is completely unecssary now the kid has money to burn) it's horrible to screw them over.
I think it's the fact he wrote it. Like after hearing about her and and her story, and instead of showing respect , all he could say basically was, I hope she would have looked up to me

Fair enough if other people say she probably would have been a fan for whatever reason, but he should have shown humility, instead of using it to big up his ego.
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