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I certainly don't see women as petty and silly. Far from it. The irony is that I'm 100% all for equality, right across the board
What? I said that those who I accused of saying women are jealous (namely yourself) had sufficiently managed to convince me that this is not what they were saying. Then you asked me, why do I think people still have that perception? I answered misogyny etc. Then you answered the quote above, which is tantamount to admitting that you are one of those people of whom you asked me, why do they still have that perception. Just admit it, you think women are jealous.

Yeah fair enough. you didn't make that assumption I agree. The better question would have been 'do you think I am a man or a woman'.
You actually said you are a man or wrote in a way that clearly implies you're male.

The reason I ask is because you said that
I disagree that you cannot tell the gender of most posters. Even without recalling the post I worte exactly, you've still managed to guess correctly.

My point simply is that there are several ways you can tell the gender of many/most posters (not all), or at least make a more than educated guess, hence the 'baseless' comment is in itself, baseless.
Not at all. No one denies that you can often make a guess at a poster's gender based on the what they write. Not the point. You could be subconsciously assuming someone is female simply because they're criticising a "certain type" of woman (very likely), and/or only noticing when female posters do criticise, while not noticing the male critics, because it confirms your already formed opinion (even more likely).

In addition to people only noticing gender biases that confirm stereotypes they buy into, there is no way of telling how accurate gender guesses are, and no way of quantifying how many female posters as opposed to male are critical of these "certain types" of celeb women. Therefore, it's a wholly unproven and unsupported - ie baseless - assumption of yours.

There are other ways to tell als of course. Again, I'm, not having a go, just pointing this out.

ps let's test out my theory. I am going to go out on a limb and state I believe that you are female. Am I right?
I explicitly stated that I am a female when I first joined this discussion.
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