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I have seen Whitesnake twice now, Journey too. I think the band who put on the best show was ACDC. It was pishing down the whole time and I didn't care.

Iron Maiden were brilliant as well.

My favourite gig, though, was Million Dollar Reload because it was in a smaller setting (a pokey wee bar in Derry). I love that kind of gig.
Got to admit, I have never heard of them. When I went to watch Clutch as it was smaller venue I got to the front and loved it, was soaking coming out, whole new experience for me, normally I go with the missus who doesn't like standing, but went with the boy and his mate, not sure I saw them two all night.

First one I went to was Pink Floyd at Maine Road in 88, was 16 and felt like I was on top of the world
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