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BIB- a rather disappointing reply. I've already stated I categorically do NOT think all women are jealous if they criticise another woman. Several times. I'd have no qualms about admitting it if I did believe it, but I don't so I can't..
BINGO! We are in agreement then that you often CAN tell the gender of a poster. In this example, yes I actually stated it. I'm pretty sure others could still have guessed if I hadn't.

Assumption masquerading as fact here I'm afraid. I can assure you that I'm not making baseless assumptions, subconsciously or not. You don't just need a poster to actually post and tell you that they are a man or a woman, to be able to work it out. Not just gender either. Pretty sure you haven't mentioned anything else personal about yourself, so if what you say is true, how could I possibly know you're also an Aquarius, unless I'm some kind of wizard?

I already said I don't have the stats (and I'm certainly not going to trawl through every thread in DS Showbiz to count(!), it's just my observation. You can only take my word for it, but I'm pretty sure I'd know most of the gender of posters in this thread, without them having posted it.
I genuinely didn't remember that, but even if I had, the point remains the same- more often than not you can tell.

Again let's test the theory, I would say Lexi, Molly, Prumeister for example are all female. DavetheScott and Jason Watkins are male. What score do I get?

If what you say is true, how could I possibly know this (assuming they haven't actually stated their gender in this thread)?
As a woman, I can admit to being jealous of Beyoncé for her looks, talent and her happy lifestyle.

However, Helen Flannigan is not someone I could be jealous of in a million years however much money she blags for doing not much at all.

There are limits to jealousy of a celeb and Helen Flannigan is way beneath my limit threshold.
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