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As a woman, I can admit to being jealous of Beyoncé for her looks, talent and her happy lifestyle.

However, Helen Flannigan is not someone I could be jealous of in a million years however much money she blags for doing not much at all.

There are limits to jealousy of a celeb and Helen Flannigan is way beneath my limit threshold.
Fair enough gillie, to each their own as it were. As I said before, I kinda wish I hadn't started all this in a thread about Flanagan. (I'm sure a few of you are thinking the same ha ha)

As I said. I do NOT think all women who comment on her or others are jealous. My other points remain though.

re Beyonce, I agree, she's got a lot going for her that one!
Out of interest, would I be correct in assuming you wouldn't hold someone like Rihanna in the same high esteem?
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