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Fair enough gillie, to each their own as it were. As I said before, I kinda wish I hadn't started all this in a thread about Flanagan. (I'm sure a few of you are thinking the same ha ha)

As I said. I do NOT think all women who comment on her or others are jealous. My other points remain though.

re Beyonce, I agree, she's got a lot going for her that one!
Out of interest, would I be correct in assuming you wouldn't hold someone like Rihanna in the same high esteem?
I admire Rhiannas talent and her music, but like Miley she went through the stage of growing up in the spotlight and like most young people wants to push against the boundaries, she will settle in time.

I feel Rhianna crossed a dark line after the Chris Brown attack and I feel a certain sympathy for her, am I jealous of her, No, would I like to be her, No, as like Sinead O Connor said, I think she is or has been used by the money men of the music industry and sometimes her bravado looks very close to tears.
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