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I admire Rhiannas talent and her music, but like Miley she went through the stage of growing up in the spotlight and like most young people wants to push against the boundaries, she will settle in time.

I feel Rhianna crossed a dark line after the Chris Brown attack and I feel a certain sympathy for her, am I jealous of her, No, would I like to be her, No, as like Sinead O Connor said, I think she is or has been used by the money men of the music industry and sometimes her bravado looks very close to tears.
Appreciate your reply. I think all that sounds entirely reasonable, and you make a good point re Miley Cyrus and the money men. (not that I am implying you need anyone's approval, let alone mine I hasten to add!).

As I said in here before, I reckon the vast majority of female posters are perfectly reasoned, normal and objective women, but a minority give rise to others jumping to the conclusion on DS that 'women are jellus'. I'd say that a small, but definitely there subsection of DS give the rest of you a bad name.
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