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Oh don't get me wrong I love all their stuff as well, their last album is an amazing return to form. I thought that black gives way to blue was a little patchy and disjointed in places, but the devil put dinosaurs here I think is a much more complete and consistent album. It's just that Dirt is probably in my top 3 albums of all time, it was such a cornerstone album from my youth that it holds such a special place in me. I even wore the label off the top of the cd on my first copy I played it so much! Anyway enjoy Saturday.
I thought Duff McKagan's Walking Papers were OK, probably preferred them to his previous band, Loaded.

Ghost. Hmmm.... To me they were little different to what Mercyful Fate were doing 30 years ago. They had a lot of support but they didn't really do much for me.

Alice In Chains were everything I expected them to be. They make it all look so effortless and are still very cool!
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