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Hi everyone!

I would like to throw in Tyler Hoechlin (currently starring on the MTV show "Teen Wolf"). His latest gf screamed "beard" (their outings appeared staged, she never looked happy around him despite having been friends for many years and there even was a cringe worthy "making out" in front of paps a few weeks ago that marked the "highlight" of these 2 -> now it's apparently over ) and he never appears sexual interested in females (no sexual tension). Plus, he obviously has the hots for his co-star (I think his name is Dylan O'Brien). Tyler is over the moon for him (literally - the hearts fly out of his eyes whenever he is together with the guy) and his body language is the living guide on "Signs that a guy is into you". I wonder if he'll ever come out or at least go for the guy he wants.
You just thoroughly embarrassed yourself with that post
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