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See although lots of people said they want the original Sugababes back it's just the nostalgia talking, not because they really wanted them back

Bet none of those people bought their new single as MKS because they aren't kids anymore and it was a band from their childhoods.
I was happy when they announced their comeback but I was and remain under no illusion they will be as successful as others assumed they would be. I didn't buy the single because of nostalgia, I bought it because it's a great song and they are great singers. I hope their next single does better than Flatline, which is a great song, but I really doubt it will do. No radio play + no video play + their reputation = flop.

I've said it numerous times, something about the three girls together obviously just doesn't click with the public. They kept fans waiting far too long for material, announce a single in June, debuted in July and multiple pushbacks before release in September 2013, four years after the hype began for the original line-up reforming.
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