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I like them to and I bought the single. But I agree with you. I think the big wait was the final nail in the coffin for even a Sugababes original band.

But I was talking generally not in a way to disrespect them but nostalgia is a big reason why a lot of these bands from the 90s flop in 2013. People like to reminisce and talk about how great it was back then, but they won't buy the current singles or album because of the nostalgia.

Which is a shame and I really like Boyzone's new single too XD.
I agree. I think a big factor was people jumping on the 1.0 bandwagon to be honest. Why did all these people think that 1.0 who released one album, which took eight years (I believe) to go Gold, and one top ten single 13 years ago would come back and be more successful.

If Flatline was released in January 2010, three months after Keisha left, rather than in September 2013, almost four years after, then it probably could have gone top ten because people were still interested or had sympathy. The constant stream of contradicting interviews don't help either. People, at least hardcore fans, will remember the years Siobhan said Keisha was her first bully and made her life hell, but come reformation and single release, Keisha wasn't a bully. Mutya wins gift wrap rights (still makes me laugh), MKS reform and they don't even want the Sugababes name anymore, they are about more than a name, a few weeks after Sugababes split, all of a sudden there is interest in it, Keisha stating in 2006 that Sugababes weren't Sugababes until Heidi joined, fast forward to single release and Keisha never felt comfortable after Siobhan left. Siobhan constantly being referred to as "the other girl" and wanting Heidi and Amelle to re-record the Siobhan/Mutya vocals on Overloaded, fast forward to the This Morning interview after Flatline flatlined and Heidi is now "one of the other girls"

Why will they not learn that every time they contradict themselves they make them look stupid. I understand they are older now and I'm glad they forgive and forget to reform, but forgiving and forgetting shouldn't mean completely denying claims they had made against each other for 9/10 years
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