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I was a huge sugababes fan but I have always felt that Keisha bullied and Siobhan and then did the same to Heidi and amelle based on their comments so for me anything that Keisha is associated with I just cant like. In many cases id say people can change but she has always conveyed "once a bully always a bully" I mean if Heidi and Amelle were so unhappy that they were willing to walk away from their band id say she was pretty nasty!

as for the song, to me it flatlined, it wasn't big enough for a comeback

Just my opinion folks
I believe Keisha bullied Siobhan, she said it for too long for to not be true but the rest I disagree with tbh. Whilst I believe she was hard to work with, Heidi and Amelle both said she didn't bully anybody, she just became hard to work with. I think that's because she was closer to Heidi by the time Mutya left and then Amelle joined and she got close to Heidi.

I don't believe in "once a bully always a bully either", they were 15 year old girls when Siobhan was in the band and she had grown up and matured. She just wasn't a nice person to be around at the end or Heidi and Amelle wouldn't have walked out, I wouldn't call her a bully towards them though.

I think had 4.0 done one interview, explained what actually happened and just how bad Keisha was, their outcome would be quite different. The press instantly jumped to Keisha's defence, every review of Sweet 7 became about the line-up rather than the music. 4.0 also left it too long between Sweet 7 and Freedom, by which time people just weren't interested anymore but it got great reviews. They gave up on it too soon.

Had Keisha and Heidi continued as a duo, they gave some great performances when Mutya was "Ill", we would be seeing 2.0 by this point and 1.0 would be thought about less than they were by the time Freak came about
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