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I am sure that 'Thisbe' has multiple user names and a nasty piece of work they are too. The common traits amongst Liz's supporters is an obsessive devotion to their mistress and personal attacks on anyone who queries the absolute vileness of her articles and never, ever do her supporters give an example of what it is they fine so 'hilarious' and 'self deprecating'. Surely even her most devoted followers are getting bored with the OTT whirlwind romance and excruciating intimate details, she hasn't written about anything else (in The Diary that is) for two months now. Why haven't her supporters enquired about the wellbeing of her 113 animals who have dissapeared off the face of the earth?
Yes, her supporters comments are always suspiciously similar, right down to the tone of their words. I'm convinced Thisbe is LJ though...that lack of empathy in particular is just too much of the same.
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