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There were some lovely stories about DT interacting with fans on the DW Live Journal forum and actually most of the stars of DW and Torchwood seem to have been nice people who knew how to treat fans including John Barrowman who has a rather rude sense of humour but always willing to interact with fans. What is said on the site is backed up by a friend of mine who works in theatre as lighting designer who states that will doing "A Few Good Men" he was in the habit of appearing on stage without his trousers to moon the crew (he was behind a witness box so his backside wouldn't have been seen on onstage) but when the crew decided to 'return the favour' and moon him then he took it in good humour. My friend also said he was camper than a line of tents - and this was in the days before he declared himself out and proud.
He did 'A few Good Men' in Aug-Dec 2005. , which was after DW had premiered. He was aleady 'out and proud' by then
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