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Someone who's been banned twice for sticking up for Tori!
I like Tori but I don't usually visit forums dedicated to her. But I went to unforumzed and I was shocked about how critical they are of her there. They seem to dislike everything about her, her voice, her fashion, her lyrics, her recent music etc. What is up with that? And I thought Madonna fans were critical sometimes! I'm not saying an artist can't be validly criticized by fans sometimes since no one is perfect, but Wow! The most bizarre thing they said there was they didn't like her more bizarre avant garde fashions she wears onstage and that it distracts from her music and it makes her shallow. But to me her fashion is part of her art and creativity in the same way that Madonna's stage costumes are. It's not really shallow to me. To me music and fashion kind of go together. When I think about it most of the artists I really love are very fashion forward. It doesn't distract from the music at all for me. I don't want a singer to dress like a normal person at the office!
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