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I think Gregg wants to know more about this... From Twitter;

"where was this supposed to have occurred ?"

" I have no recollection of being served by anyone on Saturday. Also have no idea of whom I was supposed to be addressing."

" in fact my only interaction with the public was at a book signing. Sat eve I was at The Ivy."

Seems your "friend" might have some explaining to do at his bookstore / The Ivy....
I am only seeing this now. This happened at Earl's Court, not The Ivy.

I have sent the link to my friend so I'll wait and see what he says. He's not the type to lie and in his work has met lots of celebrities and usually has good things to say about them, even if his experience with them wasn't overly positive. Greg must have done something wrong to really rattle his cage, and the cages of the others working there as a lot of the other people were just as offended by his behaviour as my friend was.
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