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The website is up so It's soon gonna be that time of year again when the great and the good tell us what we'll all be listening to in the year ahead. I'm sure HAIM haven't been off your gramophone this year, huh?

If The Independent is to be believed Sam Smith, Ella Eyre and Royal Blood should feature, but what do DS users think will end up on the list? Who are your tips for the top?

The top three newcomers I've enjoyed most this year who may trouble the list would be:

Radkey: Some punky metal grungey hardcore for you. Hard to believe they're still in their teens:

The Orwells: More youngsters from the States here with their brand of garage rock: On my 'to do' list, live.

Findlay: Really enjoyed her/their brand of pop-rock-blues this year; gonna see them on Tuesday:

What say you, DS?
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