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Liz Jones on The Saturday Night Show RTE

15 minute Interview starts at 32 mins in.......43.54 hilarious interaction

Same old, I am lip reading, I am anorexic, I am proud when I haven't eaten all day, I have no friends, my family made the Daily Mail remove the photo of my mother from the website they thought it intrusive, fashion industry hates me, Yasmin Le Bon on the cover of Vogue made me have a breast reduction, my husband (why does she never refer to him as ex-husband?) cheated on me, David is ok with me writing about him, but they all say that at first, Victoria Beckham has banned me from her shows, but if she let me in I would have given her a good review.

As for the irony; 'my job, I feel is to stop women ever having that switch go off in their brain that makes them think they are not good enough.......'

Thanks for posting that. I didn't know she had a spat with Rihanna. The host was having a good old flirt with her
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