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I had never seen Ms. Jones in an interview and have to say, whilst I think she comes accross very badly in print & sometimes leaves me incredulous with her selfishness, I was stunned at how attractive she is..apart from her horrible shoes, she looked very well turned out. She then goes and ruins it by opening her mouth and coming out with the usual self obsessed twaddle.:devil:
Liz Jones physically attractive? Seriously?
When she was interviewed by the Sunday Times journalist re her misery memoirs, the journalist spent a paragraph describing how bizarre Jones looked in real life.
"Liz Jones refuses to look in mirrors, so I don’t suppose she knows how odd she looks. If you saw her in the street you would probably screech “Who’s that?” She has long dyed witchy hair, orange tan skin, thick black painted eyebrows, and an alarming chipmunk smile when she bares her dazzling veneers. Her face is round and looks too big for her stick-like body. She has been anorexic most of her life and had her breasts removed when she was 29. But the facelift she had two years ago is holding up well, though her chin could do with some more filler"

Goes to show the magic of television lighting and that opticians will never go out of business!
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