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One of my relatives used to do Sunshine Coaches trips to London for disabled children and remembers having the children introduced to Denis Waterman and Ian Ogilvy about 33 years ago. Waterman was unpleasant, refused to pose with the children( even though he knew they were visiting Leicester Square), muttered and stormed off, leaving a few of them upset. Ogilvy, then at the height of his career, was happy to pose for the children, signed autographs and was very polite.
Denis Waterman, for all he is a good actor and Minder was class, always has this nasty look to him and I can just imagine him behaving like that.
Well Waterman does have a couple of marriages behind him, so I'm not surprised there.

What's Ian Ogilvy up to thesedays, in fact what was his last TV appearance?

The only things I remember him for are Upstairs Downstairs & Return Of The Saint.
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