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I'm afraid I haven't kept up with this thread and often miss LJ's columns for some reason, but can anyone tell me if the 'RS' is still around and if it's been revealed who he is yet?
No and no.

She's going out with a baker who she fantasised about when she lived next door to him 30 years ago. He contacted her when she was trying to write a piece about why her friends and boyfriends didn't contact her any more. Her assistant sent emails to all of them asking 'why don't you keep in touch with Liz' and he responded.

The only one who responded.

Funny how he didn't want to know her when she was a penniless junior on Company mag, but now she's one of the best paid journos in the business he 'can't keep his hands off' her. His bakery business has perhaps had a cash injection because of the association with her. Who knows?
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