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It does.

The word 'snogged' is very immature for a woman of 50+ but most of her diary lately has been written in the breathless style of a 60's Jackie story for 13 year olds with their first boyfriend. Still, with the 4 year 'affair' with the imaginary Rock Star, and the disastrous marriage to Nirpal Mr. Scrace is probably only the third man to have ever done the Horizontal Samba with Jonesey.She described him as 'the most generous, attentive lover' she ever had, but two other men isn't much to compare him with really is it?
There is this lucky chap from this weekend's PANK witterings..

Although I do admit an ex-boyfriend once gave me ecstasy, saying we would have ‘much better sex’.

Having never taken drugs or even smoked a cigarette, I hid the tablet in my palm, and the next morning left it on his bedside table, as I hate waste.

During the night I’d faked an orgasm with theatricals worthy of an Oscar – he didn’t get the real thing because I was put off by his greying bed linen, and pancake-flat synthetic pillows; drugs inevitably (in most cases!) mean you have less to spend in Habitat.
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