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There was certainly nothing sensational about it! The dancing was a mess, in fact she performed to a far higher standard in the dress rehearsal the day before. Last night the floor work was atrocious, she was totally lost in some parts and the final break down after the 'work it out. work it out.' was so sloppy!

Having said that, the show is spectacular and she does perform better on other numbers [Break The Ice was quite strong, as was 3 and Me Against the Music wasn't bad though she was totally out of time for most of it!]. And as for whether she's singing live - anyone that's followed her career long enough to know what she sounds like will tell you that not even a second of that show was live, I don't think even her biggest fans would deny that! From the spoken parts of Work Bitch to the ballads, it was all entirely mimed. Still that's the be expected and I don't think ought to be held against her at this stage.
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