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Massive fan of Britney and have never minded her miming's Britney...bitch...

But why, WHY does she insist on wearing leotards and hot pants and whatever? Even when she was younger, she always looked better in a crop top and trousers!!! For example in Crazy, Stronger, I'm A SLave 4 U, Overprotected (LOVE THIS VID!!), I Love Rock and Roll, Me Against The Music, Womanizer...

More recent example would be in the Work B!tch video, other than the images where she's standing in the glittery bikini in the sparkly shoes -which we all know for a fact were highly edited- she looks best when she's in those black flared trousers and crop top. I wish she's just wear that because ok, she doesn't look AWFUL, but she certainly looks...a bit...desperate Desperate to keep up with the young'uns of today who just HAVE to show as much skin as possible.
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