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Oh, we'd be here all day if I listed all the not-rubbish
songs by the Residents : here are two of the best ones,
"My Window"

and "Burn Baby Burn"
And you might be here even longer listing the rubbish.
Are we laughing at them or are they laughing at us?
I thought the whole conceit of The Residents was about trash aesthetics?
I have (or should I say had) two of their early vinyl records and I remember one clanging track where they had the cheek to reprise it. You probably know it, I can't find it.
I'm just thinking how is a song like 'Constantinople' not rubbish?

Actually I'm being facetious. I know exactly where they are coming from. The Residents are/were great.
Admittedly I thought the same about The Fall with their witty lyrics but when I actually saw them live, they were truly awful.
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