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it all sounds very impressive on paper, but some of her top 10 hits since the millennium haven't sold very well at all, i was quite shocked at some of the sales for her singles here in the uk. i was also rather surprised to learn the sales of "all the lovers", her only top 10 hit this decade. the way her fans have kept on about it being her biggest hit in years and how it would have been #1 with simultaneous format releases, i assumed it would have at least sold enough to be certified gold.
Your wrong about her singles since the millennium not selling very well. In the year 2000 she made a massive comeback with spinning around, the following year released her album fever which is her most successful period of her career and Can't get you out of my head is the biggest hit of her career, breaking records and going no.1 all over the globe and the following singles from that album sold alot. Granted since this decade she hasn't done as well but to still get a no.1 bad no.2 album and top 3 hit single is impressive. Not many artists who have lasted as long as her and I think the new judge's role on the voice will only boost her popularity further. I think she has a few more no.1 albums and top 10 hits left in her yet! The only other artist who has lasted as long as her is Madonna but her popularity is waning fast in this country quicker than Kylies will. Kylies albums still go platinum madonnas only go gold, plus Madonna hasn't had a top 10 hit in this decade yet. Looking at sales on the internet from both artists, it clearly shows kylie has always been the bigger star and sold more in the UK than Madonna. The only period in the Uk were Kylies popularity waned and Madonna was bigger was the 90s. Plus kylie has is the darling of the press in the Uk, know one ever has a bad word to say about her. She also has an OBE in this country to show how much we love her here and accepted her as one of our own.

This country is the only country were another female singer is bigger than Madonna. Kylie is deffo massive competition for Madonna in Europe and the Uk!
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