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Ok then! I'm just saying her career isn't dead and buried yet! I hope she has alot more success as she such a lovely person and has bags of talent. And the more money thrown at her future products the better. It is her job and career at the and of the day so I'm sure she would like lots of money thrown at her new projects and for them to be successful like every company and person in life who wants to earn a living. She's only human at the end of the day. Good for her doing the voice and working hard to stay a success and for having ambition to succeed in other countries and terrrioritys round the globe. To be successful and noticed is what every human being would like is it not and Kylies worked harder than anyone for that success o good luck to her I say.

Hey. I understand what you were trying to say and I agree her achievements are brilliant when you sit down and think about it. I don't think you're being cocky at all and I really enjoyed your long response. It was informative. Good on her and good luck to her.
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