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Yes but I think your missing the point they sold poorly but did not underperform. It was the case with all big name artist that performance did not equate sales. Much like how in 2013 an album could be top 20 for half the year yet still only scrape a fraction of what they would have even 2 years earlier was it a flop did it underperform no sales fluctuate always have always will.

And why is her continuing to strive for success desperate at this point in her career. I think it's great to see someone after 25 years and all that she has achieved strive to outdo and better herself she's not dead yet and neither is her career.
they clearly did though. "all the lovers" is hailed on this forum as a huge hit for her, but it actually ended up #56 on the biggest selling singles of 2010. a few of her top 10 hits didn't sell well, that was my point and it still stands.

its the us push and the voice role that seem a little desperate to me, that's all. its just my opinion, i don't expect everyone to agree with me.
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