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Looking at sales on the internet from both artists, it clearly shows kylie has always been the bigger star and sold more in the UK than Madonna. The only period in the Uk were Kylies popularity waned and Madonna was bigger was the 90s. Plus kylie has is the darling of the press in the Uk, know one ever has a bad word to say about her. She also has an OBE in this country to show how much we love her here and accepted her as one of our own.

This country is the only country were another female singer is bigger than Madonna. Kylie is deffo massive competition for Madonna in Europe and the Uk!

Madonna has sold 17 million singles in the UK compared to Kylie's 10 million, she has 13 UK number one singles compared to Kylie's 7. She's also sold around 20 million albums in the UK. She's the fourth best-selling artist of all time in both total singles and albums sold. The Immaculate Collection was also the biggest selling album by a female artist until Adele's 21 overtook it. Madonna also has more top five hits than any other artist (if you don't count the re-releases after Elvis' death), she also has more top ten and twenty hits than any other female.

With MDNA she racked up her 12th UK number one album, more than any other solo artist. Kylie is way behind with 5 number one albums. During the 00s Madonna had 5 UK number one singles, Kylie had 3.

I understand that you prefer Kylie, but that doesn't mean that she's more popular in the UK than Madonna. The statistics prove otherwise.

Even if Madonna never has another UK number one single or even a top ten hit again Kylie won't ever get close to matching her overall sales or chart success, I do believe that Madonna's single sales are past their peak but Kylie is entering that stage too. It's a sad reflection of the ageist and sexist world we live in.
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