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it must still bruise her that she's never really taken off in the us and that probably motivated her management changes. now she's on the voice too, so it all seems rather desperate this stage in her career. it will be interesting to see how she fares now with all the increased exposure.
I don't think the fact she hasn't taken off in the USA ever really affected her too much. Yes she would like everything she sells in the US to be successful as here but she never comes across as a person with a big ego and always seen shocked and humbled at how successful she is even here in tge UK where she's bigger news than anywhere else. The fact she now has started to go over their and tour and visit her American fans even tho she has to play smaller venues than she would here and scale back her shows is really sweet and humbling I think. Theirs some artists who really wouldn't do this and think why should I scale back my shows just for a small percentage of fans over their where I'm not as big. It was actually Beyoncé who talked to her and persuaded her to join Roc nation (reports say Beyoncé persuaded her husband jay-z who owns roc nation to sign kylie) as Beyoncé wants to help kylie crack America. Shows how respected she is by other artists in the industry I think. Plus in regards to cracking American this last decade she's been going down a storm with gay fans (her most loyal market everywhere)and gay clubs in the US with everything she brings out going no.1 lately going no.1 in the dance club US charts so her popularity is rising across the pound. Not everyone in America may know who she is but all American gay men seem too, so that's a start.

I don't think being a new judge on a talent show is a come down at all, shows she has talents to do it all - successful TV actress, singer, now judge. Theirs some artists whos egos would think if they had the success kylie had at all these years they are not lowering themselves to those sort of things even if they needed it for their careers at the time. Good on her for thinking all the expouser its going to get her week in week out and for not thinking she's something she's not after all these years to do something like this to help her career when its needed at an important time. Like I said above some artists wouldn't even lower themselves to be a TV talent show judge even if their career needed a boost at the time
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