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I do find it funny whenever Kylie is discussed...Madonna always comes into it...but never the other way around

Anyways...i think personally Kylie is a representation of Pop Princess like Britney is THAT i will understand....but all this trying to tear Madonna down and put Kylie up is pretty rediculous when it doesnt add up at all with the actual FACTS.

Anyways whatever....Madonnas legacy speaks for itself...and she can only add to it...same with i am not a massive Kylie fan...her 80s/early 90s stuff is not what i stand for in music...personally...but i did love Impossible Princess and some of her 00s albums are corkers...I am not here for stats/sales....but for artistic imapct and yeah another thing why i dont understand the comparisons with Madonna or anyone else for that matter....but hey!

But Kylie does have her own catalogue and small impact in her own right too...and by the sounds of Roc Nation deal and her meetings with Jay-Z, Kanye West of late and indeed Madonna too at the MET gala etc...she should be on her way in...also Brooke Candy being on it (LOOOVE her!) so lets just see.

Anyways, never a need to bring anyone else into it as it comes off a bit...meh
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