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She is more popular in the Uk than Madonna! Madge may have had more no.1s here and their but she hasn't sold as many singles/albums in the Uk alone as kylie since 2000 . Looking at facts Kylies albums go platinum but Madonna's only gold in the Uk. Even in Kylies pooper 80s days with Pete waterman Kylie was out selling Madonna 3 to 1. Even Pete waterman says in his Autobiography. The onky decade in this country were Madonna was more popular than Madge was the 90s, when Kylies popularity waned until 2000. Both artists careers are waning but Madonna's quicker in the UK than Kylies. Madonna hasn't had a top.10 hit this decade. Also Madonna seems to be copying kylie (when it once was kylie copying Madge. more so these days. That super bowl was a complete rip off Kylies last arena tour.

Pete Waterman is known for talking bullshit. However I'm not completely ruling out what he said, in 1988 I suppose Kylie did outsell Madonna, who released no music that year. However take Madonna's most successful period in the UK 1986-1987 when she released the singles off of True Blue, she had three number one singles off of that album and the other singles went top five. True Blue has sold 2 million copies in the UK, Like A Virgin and Like A Prayer sold over a million. Her first album also went platinum. So she did not outsell her 3 to 1 when you compare both their peaks. Also Madonna racked up 6 UK number ones in the 80s compared to Kylie's 2 however you could argue that it's not a fair comparison because Madonna started earlier, but neither is it fair to compare Kylie's success in 1988 to Madonna when the latter released no music.

If you want to compare their success in the 2000s let's look at albums shall we. Music sold 1.5 million, the much-maligned American Life sold 335,000, COADF sold 1.2 million (not bad for an artist 23 years into their career), Hard Candy 335,000. Kylie's Lightyears sold 330,000 copies in the UK, Fever 1.5 million, Body Language 300,000 and X 463,000.

I make that roughly 3.3 million for Madonna vs 2.5 million for Kylie when it comes to albums sold in the UK during the 00s. Madonna has never had a million-plus selling single in the UK, but when her totals are added up she's way ahead and besides, looking at the top ten best-selling singles ever is hardly a list full of quality.

As for Madonna's Super Bowl performance I wasn't aware that Kylie was capable of time travel, are you claiming that she invented the style of Ancient Egypt too?
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