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The Kylie and Madonna thing is pathetic, they are two completely different female singers who happened to launch at a similar time and with similar styles, since then they have both branched out to be quite different.
Madonna and Kylie are both beautiful, talented, successful women with large fanbases and a whole host of massive hits and albums.
I doubt Kylie cries herself to sleep each night over Madonna being more popular worldwide. Kylie is a legend. Just as Madonna is.

About the America thing, I truly do not believe Kylie cares, if Jay-Z offers you a record deal when you're current label keeps messing you around of course you say yes!
The fact he's based in America is irrelevant!
The Voice will do her good because unlike Jessie the chav, Kylie is a nice, caring woman who knows what she's talking about.
Anyways, good luck to Kylie on her new album and ventures, I think it's fantastic to see her striving forward at her (still relatively) young age, and congratulations to her for all her achievements. By the looks of things Kylie is the one artist so far other than Britney who has survived the power of and never ending cycle of brilliance that is Madonna.
Toally Adz! Again....Madonna and Kylie are both very very diferent forms of artists too and i dont like it when people just kinda throw people in the same category/box. Regardless of whom everyone is a fan of etc.

Kylie loves to ensure her fans are pleased above all else...hense the continued Electropop/Dance Pop theme of the past decade...whereas Madonna loves to shake it up and mix up themes/style and genre within Pop/Dance/Rock fields....very different and both work so very well.

And something i have noticed with Kylie is that she herself doesnt like to keep everything "the same" either...besides at the end of the day she has always said how much she adores Madonna and also has met her a few said recently at the MET Ball this year with a pic taken. So it is all cool.

Anyways 2014 looks set to be a year of insanely awesome Pop...Kylie back in Spring and Madonna rumoured to be working with Patl Leonard and Orbit for later this year...heeeres to it
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