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Actually I think you'll find it was as ever the other way round people always want to diminish Kylie's achievement by putting them along side each other. Kylie has never been as successful as Madonna true but she has been a damn sight more successful than others people should remember all that she has done and celebrate her own merits as opposed to diminishing them by bringing up Madonna.
Oh HM i wish it would all just kinda...stop you know...few times do males/bands ever rival/fan war start (Blur/Oasis, Beatles/The Stones are the only ones i can think of)

its always Female legends/icons competing or current hot properties....this years gaga/Perry/Cyrus gate was redic!

but Kylie fans should be impressed with the fact that she has surpassed criticism/backlashes and 4 decades in still a name in the industry and in a new field now to promote her new material too to ensure it reaches stable enough success/awareness and abve all else that is important...and to be compared to Madonna is such a feat too regadless of all else .
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