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I know wiki is not the most reliable source for info (and I know all Madonna fans will use this excuse to prove my info incorrect but wiki does usually tend to be right) but wiki shows on Kylies album discography thst she has sold more albums in the Uk since 2000 mainly as her albums go platinum but Madonna's seem to have only gone gold since 2008 and sold far less thin kylie plus fever sold more than the most recent album thin Madonna's out at thst time. The only time they where the same was music by Madonna went platinum in 2000 the same as Kylies 2000 album since then Kylies sod way more! Look at Kylies albums in her cheesy pop 80s days they still sold more in the uk, so please tell me how are you right?
I know platinum status changed but this seems well dodgy.

The links which should confirm whether all Kylie's albums since 2000 have indeed gone platinum don't go anywhere. Is there another source? I'm not doubtful about her early 00's stuff going platinum but I find it hard to believe both X and Aphrodite have sold over 1 million in the UK to go platinum and I'm pretty sure Body Language didn't. Very few albums even sell that much here.... Unless it can be proved somewhere else I think it looks like a Kylie fan has edited Wiki to make her sales look greater than they are.

Edit. It seems platinum status in the UK was downgraded to 300,000 for albums in 2009. That explains it. I lived in America for several years so get confused with the differences in sale measurements.

However it also confirms only one Madonna album, MDNA, hasn't gone platinum in the UK. All the others have. Hard Candy by rights is platinum under this new rule so should be classed as it.
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