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My usual answer, Reading Writing & Arithmetic and Blind by the Sundays, I can't separate them.

I don't include Static and Silence because they'd moved away from an indie sound by then, but I take this to mean indie as a style of music, rather than the label something is released on.

I listened to Oasis at the time simply through peer group pressure, but I look back now and (only my opinion, mind), I think they're one of the most overrated bands ever. I got rid of the albums I owned because I'd never listen to them again, they're too stuck in that time, and were more of a style statement than creators of timeless music, for me anyway.

I really liked and still listen to the Seahorses album, as I much preferred Chris Helme's voice to Brown's (not a Stone Roses fan), so just call me the king of uncool 90s music.
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