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Back to the actual topic re Kylie's top 5 hits over the 80's/90's/00's/10's/. I've had to go on wiki so please correct me if I'm wrong.

So her TOP 5'S

I Should Be So Lucky 1
Got To Be Certain 2
The Locomotion 2
Je Ne Sai Pas Porqoui? 2
Especially For You 1
Hand On Your Heart 1
Wouldn't Change A Thing 2
Never Too Late 4

Tears On My Pillow 1
Better The Devil You Know 2
Step Back In Time 4
If You Were With Me Now 4
Give Me Just A Little More Time 2
Confide In Me 2

The 00's
Spinning Around 1
On A Night Like This 2
Kids 2
Cant Get You Outta My Head 1
In Your Eyes 3
Love At First Sight 2
Slow 1
Red Blooded Woman 5
I Believe In You 2
2 Hearts 4
Wow 4

The 10's
All The Lovers 3

I haven't included tracks like Shocked/What do I Have To Do/In My Arms etc and plenty of others that hit the top 10 but were not top 5.

If I've missed a track or got a chart position wrong please correct me. These positions were taken from Wikipedia.

By the way. What Was "Keep On Pumping It" 1991????
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