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I've been a Kylie fan since I was 15 when she hit big with I Should Be So Lucky and no one is more surprised than me at her longevity. She is one of the few stars these days that seems to enjoy an enduring goodwill from both the media and the general public. Whilst I agree that unless she gets radio support she wont have massive hits, what she has done amazingly in the 00s is proven herself as a vaue-for-money live touring act who can attract both casual fans of all ages as well as die-hards. She puts on brilliant stage shows and while no one would claim her to be a vocalist in the calibre of Celine Dion or Mariah Carey, she always puts 100% effort and a lot of pride into her live vocal performances and does not lip synch any part of her shows, and I really think audiences appreciate that - and of course this shows in the fact that her tours sell well and get generally positive reviews from the music press. You only have to look at acts like Madonna, Elton John, Cher, The Rolling Stones - none of them are having massive chart success these days but are all still out there playing to massive audiences (and making a lot more money in the process!)
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