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i don't know why the fans need to that. i remember another fan referring her to as a "talentless old bint" and a "bloody ageing granny". i guess some people cant help but show their true colours, no matter how hard they try to assert a different stance entirely.

while i find that rather frustrating when people do that, i have to agree, it will make no difference to the loyal fans. take that leona lewis example i previously used for instance. there were posters clearly trolling her threads quite recently, offering the same opinion over and over, one of them even admitted they hated the woman. obviously, you just cant reason with that immature mentality, its just unfortunate for them that these people are full of negativity.

Oh I know. Heartbreaking. Poor Leona fans...
What's worse is that it's happening on this thread now too likewise so it's quiet strange how they're going around and preaching yet are doing the same themselves on this thread. Hypocrite much??!!

Not that it makes the slightest bit of difference to us fans. Annyyhoo, if it gives them a kick who are we to deny them this small pleasure. Carry on.. hehe
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