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Kylie Minogue's last single was her least successful. Only reached 96.

Madonna's last single also failed to make the top 40:

Reached 73.

You can see how hard it is for older artists to have chart singles success. Times change! Teenagers aren't going to relate to artists like Madonna, Kylie and Cher.
Kylie's last single was only a "fan" single, and was released with no advertising whatsoever except on her webpage. No money was thrown at it as would be with a normal single release, hence it only reaching #96. It was never meant to be anything as such and shouldn't really be considered as a "normal" single.

The last single releases really were from the #1 album "Aphrodite" in 2010... The wonderful orchestral album "Abbey Road Sessions" (even though it reached #2 in 2012) didn't release any singles as such at all.
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