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its funny you should mention rihanna, because in her short career she has managed to outsell kylie in terms of single sales already in the uk. rihanna has been very current in recent years and naturally, many people have imitated her, but personally, i wouldn't want kylie to follow suit. i very much doubt that britney could have got to #1 with "work b**ch" though, as it was too similar to her previous smash with, which got to #1 in 2013 btw.

i really don't think her supposed "milf" status will count for much if radio don't support her and like you observed with cher, kylie will also need support from all the major radio stations to succeed.
Radio 1 I can see them blacklisting her (ffs) but I'm sure Capital would play her if the music was "current", in the top 10 or if she was involved in a Calvin Harris/David Guetta type track, I mean they had Robbie Williams in their TV ad awhile ago meaning they still play him from time to time also meaning they aren't ageist and the likes of Heart will play her regardless
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